Welcome to the English Speakers in Graz

Anglo Austrian Circle

We are a mix of expatriates, Austrians, foreign students, and others who enjoy being part of a diverse and welcoming social group. We have a regular meeting or "Stammtisch", every Thursday at 8pm 'Die Herzl' Prokopigasse-12, Graz, Austria, 8010.

In you are unsure if we are meeting this coming Thursday, the answer is we are. The group has been meeting for over 50-years, regular as clockwork, and we will certainly be there. In the summer-time, we normally sit outside at the front on the left hand side. In the winter-time, try the bar area first and if you cannot find us then please ask the bar staff for the "English Stammtisch". We are usually easy to find, being the largest and loudest group in the bar.

Typically we get about 15 to 20-people every week, where we are always delighted to meet new people. Please have no anxiety turning up for the first time, you will be warmly welcomed, where we can share our stories and adventures from the past week.

Here are some useful links, announcements happen on facebook, so please like the page. This is the link to DieHerzl, which is a wonderful bar in the centre of the city with great food. If you need better directions to find us, then please open openstreetmap.

I hope we meet you soon, whether you are going for the first time, or your idea of regular attendance is once a year!

Some more useful links:

We have a distant association with the Ango-Austrian Society, Graz, where we spit from them as a student group many years ago before any of us remember.

Some of our theatrically minded members have a drama group called the Pennyless Players, that make wonderful theatre in English.

If you are looking for international and interesting group that works mainly in English, then give the base Verein, a call. They are very friendly, and will warmly welcome you.